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Are you not getting all the messages back from your friends, who said they sent you a reply back to Text'em? With your help, we can make sure that you receive every message from your friends!

Here's how you can help.
  1. Do you have a cellular plan with any of the following providers?

    • 3 River Wireless
    • Advantage Comm
    • Alltel Wireless
    • Bell Mobility
    • Blue Grass Cell
    • Boost Mobile
    • CallPlus
    • CenturyTel
    • Fido
    • Galaxy Corp
    • Houston Cellular
    • Manitoba Telecom
    • Metro PCS
    • Microcell
    • NBTel
    • Nextel
    • Omnipoint
    • Orange
    • Pacific Bell
    • PCS One
    • Price Communications
    • Qwest
    • Rogers Wireless
    • South Western Bell
    • Sprint
    • SunCom
    • T-Mobile UK
    • Telus
    • Unicell
    • US Cellular
    • USA Mobility
    • Vodafone UK
    • Wyndtell

  2. If you do, then send a text message using your phone, to the email address

  3. This text message will help us to figure out how to successfully receive messages from this particular provider.